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Admission is now closed.

To apply for 2024-2025 academic year call +91 98821 11333

Welcome to

Learners Today.

Leaders Tomorrow.

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About Our School


We provide top quality

ICSE Education and 

strive for each child

to reach their most highest potential.

Blended Learning

Our curriculum integrates Google Chromebooks with ICSE Education to provide your child with the most current and up to date skills.

Holistic Education

Our goal is not to only to teach from the books but also build children to be the future leaders of our tomorrow.  This includes the WASH program and state of the art facilities.


Girls' Education

We provide reduced tuition for girls because we believe in them.

Our Approach

With our top quality ICSE Education,

we aim to provide opportunities for your child in applying lessons learned outside the classroom to the world around them, making them leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision Statement

FOREFRONT School strives to provide the most excellent education to all students. 

We encourage teachers and parents to work together, to create a joyful yet rigorous learning environment. Students will develop knowledge and skills such as critical thinking, character, creativity, and wellness, with the goal of 

becoming active change agents in their

local communities and future endeavors.

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